How we make a lasting impact


Step 1. Design

We use SaaS-centric analysis to custom design your sales model:

  • Understand your business model
  • Understand your customer journey
  • Evaluate the impact of online on your sales
  • Go deep on customer acquisition and retention metrics

Step 2. Implement

Implement a scalable SaaS sales structure based on the following key elements:

  • Process – Customer centric lead to cash
  • Tools – Create a force multiplier
  • Content – Build enablement materials
  • Skills – Deliver in-person training and online self-learning
  • Organization – Scalable and agile structure
  • Measure – Data driven decisions at

Step 3. Execute

Train your current staff and onboard new hires with best practices of top performers:

  • Sales Playbook with 60+ SDR/AE/CSM plays
  • Operational Handbook outlining your policies and procedures
  • Online portal with just-in-time training videos
  • SaaS Dashboard templates

Outsource teams of SDRs, CSMs, and Sales Support professionals to deliver leads, pipeline, and revenue results on a permanent, pay-for-performance basis:

  • CRM Integration support for initial setup and ongoing systems evolution.
  • Lead Generation aligned to your approach, your products and your customers.
  • Customer Onboarding and Renewals aligned to your approach and your customers’ renewal timeline and usage patterns
  • Reporting Packages prepared for your executive meetings, board meetings, business reviews, and sales planning cycles
  • Sales Team Onboarding delivered for your new hires on your timeline.