How We Do It

Here’s what you can expect from our team:

Initial Engagement

  • Meet with one of our Growth Architects
  • Get to know your culture, your managers, and how you work
  • Learn your products, target customers, and differentiated value propositions
  • Perform an initial Audit and Sales Operations Health Check
  • Review our findings with you and create a Sales Acceleration Roadmap

Team Setup

  • Introduce you to your Team Lead
  • Obtain secure access to all of your sales systems and tools
  • Recruit, interview, and hire prospective candidates for your open roles.
  • Onboard new hires teaching them your products, your processes, your systems, and introducing them to your team.
  • Create a custom Sales Playbook and/or Operations Handbook

Ongoing Service

  • Lead Gen: Fill the funnel through outbound prospecting, manage lead qualification and ensure smooth handoffs.
  • Customer Success: Onboard new customers, manage renewals, and facilitate customer feedback loops.
  • Sales Ops: Ongoing support for business reporting, analysis and CRM integration.
  • Sales Desk: Customize and produce high quality customer-facing documents.
  • Once we are set up, you can reach your Team Lead via Slack, text or phone and request additional hires or project work as needed. 

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

  • Agree on pay-for-performance goals and recurring deliverables monthly.
  • Monitor, coach, and train your Outsourced Team to make sure goals are on track and everything is running smoothly daily.
  • Ongoing meetings to review team performance and get better every day.
  • Periodically review your Sales Acceleration Roadmap with a conversation about your objectives, updating the plan as we go.