What is The Family Banking Strategy?

If you've ever heard of Infinite Banking, Perpetual Wealth or IRS Section 7702, then you're familiar with the foundation of The Family Banking Strategy, the educational system we use to maximize your cash flow, minimize taxes, and efficiently grow your wealth.

Who uses The Family Banking Strategy?

The Family Banking Strategy works for everyone - individuals and business owners -  regardless of your financial stage.


You're paying down debt and working to build wealth you can access for large purchases, including education, business, and real estate.


You're looking toward retirement or to exit your business and need cash flow you won't outlive, with a certainty to withstand any economic environment.


You're preparing for long-term care expenses and ensuring a legacy for your family that provides lasting value.

Ways to use The Family Banking Strategy

For Individuals and Families

  • Early access to funds (no 59 1/2 rule, no RMDs)
  • Down payments on real estate
  • College tuition without the limits of 529 plans
  • Supplement retirement without limits or volatility of IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Provide long-term care for loved ones
  • Build multi-generational wealth 

For Businesses

  • Reduce taxes and reliance on banks
  • Fund capital expenditures, real estate and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Insure your business and key employees
  • Offer employees incentives with more stability than a 401(k)
  • Build an exit strategy with retirement income and long-term care

The Optimal Wealth Account

We help you implement The Family Banking Strategy through an Optimal Wealth Account, a uniquely designed, permanent life insurance policy that uses market indices to rapidly grow your wealth while protecting you from market downturns.

Benefits of an Optimal Wealth Account


A guaranteed rate of return takes the guesswork out of your portfolio.


Reduced tax liability and increased asset protection keep your wealth in your hands.


Access your wealth when you need it, regardless of age, without penalties.


Rest easy knowing market volatility can't touch your financial foundation.


Enjoy retirement income you won’t have to worry about outliving.


Pass along wealth the same way the Rockefellers have.

How to Set Up an Optimal Wealth Account



Customize your account leveraging top financial service providers.



Complete the application and underwriting process.