Investment opportunities

5 Factors

Financial Assessment

We assess each client's financial situation to help define/refine your real estate strategy:

  • Get a clear and up-to-date snapshot of your financial report card.
  • Understand your real estate goals: cash flow, long-term appreciation, lifestyle.
  • Educate you on financing options: Family Banking, conventional lenders, hard money.
Strategy, Value, Risk

Evaluate Opportunities

We use our private network and rigorous research to help you find great deals that:

  • Fit your financial situation and/or business model.
  • Exist as "off-market" or "on-market" opportunities.
  • Define consistent deal flow criteria so you can make confident "in or out" decisions quickly.

Real Estate Deal Funnel

Buying, Selling, Exchanging

We help you efficiently navigate the buying, selling and exchange process by:

  • Researching properties to highlight ones that meet your criteria and eliminate ones that do not. 
  • Showing you properties and explaining advantages / disadvantages of each one you see.
  • Answering questions and keeping you informed about relevant market updates.
  • Partnering with reliable inspectors, lenders, contractors, and property managers.
  • Analyze the market while educating you on factors to consider as you price your property.
  • Posting your home on the MLS, creating and executing a marketing plan for your property.
  • Negotiating and finalizing the deal with expediency.