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How we make a lasting impact


Step 1: Design

We use SaaS-centric analysis to configure your sales model to sell enterprise solutions:

  • Understand your growth plan 
  • Analyze your customer tiers, sales stages, and products
  • Go deep on team skills, value messaging, and key metrics

Step 2: Sales Training

A highly interactive solution sales training modernized for SaaS sales and customer success teams:

  • Solution Sales - intro to consultative selling concepts
  • The Challenger Sale - intro to Challenger's commercial teaching style - teach, tailor, take control!
  • Building Consensus - learn best practices in stakeholder management in complex deals

Step 3: Sales Management

Sales managers learn to direct and measure the building blocks of control over sales performance in these train-the-trainer sessions:

  • Territory Management – Help teams allocate time efficiently across groups of customers and prospects.
  • Account Management – Maximize the long-term value of named customers through better business relationships and goal alignment.
  • Opportunity Management – Strategically pursue and win complex, multi-stage deals.

Step 4: Opportunity Qualification and Forecasting

Sales desk managers who customize and produce high quality customer-facing documents:

  • MEDDIC – Learn to apply the most effective deal qualification checklist of all time.
  • Manage Evaluations.  Understand success criteria and tools for successfully managing POCs.
  • Proposals and Close Plans.  Codify your business case for investment and project manage your steps to close big deals.